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 Our mission is to empower our youths with a knowledge of the Word of God; raising up an army of young people with renewed minds, strong commitment and unwavering faith.

The youth department is under the leader ship of Sister Roxie Irish. An anointed, appointed woman of God. Who is taking on the mandate to spreed the gospel of Jesus Christ through our fired up young people.  Apparent growth has been observed in our youths. Boldness and a R.E.A.L (Radical, Empowered, Anointed, and Liberated) attitude is exemplified through them. They are expected to make many changes in our community and the rest of their surroundings because we recognize that change for the better is needed. The church of tomorrow is the church that is rising up today, therefore we need to equipped them with the word of God so that there can be better hope for tomorrow.

middleOur True Love Waits banquet this year was a total success. Through the generous donations from many of our church members and also those who bought tickets to support the cause; we gained a substantial amount of money that went towards the Vincent S. Somers scholarship fund.  We were able to give away a first place scholarship of $3000 to Asshur Kishon Cunninghan, a second place scholarship of $1500 to Rax-ann Miller, and a $500 scholarship to Latoya Stanley. We encourage you to continue support our True Love Waits banquets, because your donation can help a young man or woman with their college tuition.