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Retreat was a time where we went away from the hustles and bustles of New York City; traveled to Sandy Cove because of the calm environment, where wegot closer to God. Lives were changed, delivered and transformed, while ourwalk with Jesus Christ got to a very personal level.

Retreat Testimonials

Latoya Stanley
The one thing that I’ve learned from Youth Retreat is that which I’ve been seeking after; “An assurance about my relationship with the Lord.” I am going away for college and I went to the retreat so I can know how to keep a personal relationship with him. It’s going to be me against the world and God is the only one who can help me keep my faith strong. Now that retreat is over, and I have gotten a fresh start and I acknowledge what I have to do... I understand that my worship is what’s going to keep me; if that’s good enough then my relationship with the lord will be also.  
Now for those of you who have not given you hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ; accept him today because he will keep you, just like I know he is going to keep me.

Krisan Cockburn
I must first thank God for letting me share my testimony with you all. Also thank God for letting me, my mom, and my grandmother go to retreat 2007. Every year the retreat has been a blessing to me, but this retreat gave me a wake-up call. Often times for me, I go to retreat, come back revived, and go straight back to my old ways. But this year, I realized that by going back to my past, I was wasting time. In a world where there are millions of sinners, that’s why I can’t afford to be one. I now know that I just can't be reading one verse of the bible and think I’m alright. I have to sweat and work to be elevated to the next level. After this retreat, as long as I got my God besides me, I am ready for any challenges.  
I encourage all Christians especially youth’s to sweat hard; and just take it one day at a time. May God continually bless you, and may the joy of the lord be with you.